Kerrie Hess is an acclaimed Australian artist and illustrator renowned for her elegant and distinctive style, characterized by delicate lines, feminine figures, and a timeless allure. Born with a passion for creativity and a keen eye for beauty, Kerrie's journey as an artist began at a young age, and she regularly draws inspiration from the graceful lines of haute couture, the streets of Paris, and the timeless allure of vintage glamour.

Throughout her career, Hess has collaborated with numerous prestigious brands and publications, including Chanel, Tiffany & Co, Vogue and more.
 Her work has graced everything from fashion campaigns and magazine covers to luxury packaging and exclusive merchandise, earning her a reputation as a sought-after creative partner within the fashion and lifestyle industries. She has illustrated countless fashion windows, billboards, book covers, silk scarves, cushions and packaging around the globe.

Working mostly with watercolour and acrylic paint, she has also painted live for Cartier, Laduree and Tiffany and Co. In addition, Kerrie has exhibited
 solo art shows in Paris, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Kerrie is also the creator of her own online painting Masterclasses, teaching students from over 85 countries worldwide how to paint & illustrate fashion and still life. She has a range of art prints and original paintings, as well premium grade art supplies including paints, paintbrushes, watercolour paper and more, designed in-house and loved by artists of all levels.

After living in London, Hong Kong & Paris throughout her life, Kerrie now resides in Brisbane, Australia with her son Marcel, and cavoodle Audrey.

Get in touch with Kerrie:
For collaborations: kh@kerriehess.com.au
For enquiries about the Kerrie Hess Masterclass, original artwork,
 art supplies & more: studio@kerriehess.com.au