I have recently partnered with wellness brand Blackmores to create a limited edition nature inspired cosmetic case. We started by looking at the key ingredients in one of Blackmores signature products; the Vitamin E cream based on natural Australian ingredients of avocado and apricots, combined with the sense of a daily ritual and self care.

On a personal note, it’s definitely that time of year when I think it’s important to asses how much I have looked after myself this year and I think that the reminder of self care though this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time! I am actually making reminder to look after myself more, and on a regular basis while working on this project.

It was a joy to paint this custom image for Blackmores in watercolour, with my office desk surrounded by apricots and avocados for inspiration!

When I started this collaboration I was taken back to my teenage days working in my Dad’s pharmacy where Blackmores was already a trusted brand in wellness. I even remember using this Vitamin E cream so many moons ago! And it’s still a classic beauty staple product today.

A lovely reminder to take the time to look after yourself not just sometimes, but every single day…

In collaboration with Blackmores

Cosmetic Case available from: The product is available in several markets in Asia. For more information on availability, check out your local Blackmores’ website, social media or in-store promotions.