The kerrie hess masterclass
 in drawing & painting

Since the release of my very first Beginner Masterclass in Painting, the comment that popped up within just a few weeks from students was ‘what’s next!’

What comes after the original Masterclass to keep painting, and creativity flowing? To be honest I really wasn’t expecting this response, at least not so soon! But I decided to set about working on the Advanced version of the Masterclass almost a year and a half ago now…

But rather than guessing what the current and previous students might want in the next level up of the Masterclass, I decided to simply ask what they wanted to delve into next, and base this next course on their feedback. After all, creating a course isn’t about showing your audience what you can do, it’s about giving them what they really want and taking them from A to B (or C!) in the most joyful way possible.

And the feedback was clear! The advanced course should include modules in drawing the things that we all find the most tricky; being faces, figures, hands and hairstyles. Then a focus on painting just in watercolor (the favourite medium from the original course.)

I wanted to also explore mediums like iridescent medium, gold leaf, sea salt and granulation in watercolor. Finishing with a large frame worthy piece of couture… A creative deep dive into that next level in drawing and painting. One of my favourite projects yet…

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