A joyful new online course!

One of the simplest and most enjoyable subjects to paint in watercolor is flowers. There is just something about painting nature that generally feels calming and natural to even a complete beginner. Whilst I have a complete Online Masterclass in Painting, I wanted to create a simple, self paced course for those particularly interested in painting flowers.

From very simple leaves and garden flowers to more detailed cherry blossoms and hydrangeas; this is a six module, self paced course requiring only basic watercolor supplies such as; watercolor paint watercolor paper and a few simple brushes. (I am using paints from Winsor and Newton throughout the course, but you can use a brand you already have at home or something more affordable like a set from Reeves.)

A calming, relaxing course in painting, with no need to worry about the subjects I find most people consider difficult and complicated such as faces, hands and figures. Watercolor flowers are also a beautiful element to bring into other more detailed works such as faces and scenes. Or perfectly beautiful to frame on their own!

Find out more about the course : Painting Flowers in Watercolor with Kerrie Hess.