Rose Gold Gallery Wall with West Elm

August 2019

I recently decided to create an all new gallery wall in my home. I created one for my office a couple of years ago with yellow gold frames, in pink, black and white tones. This time I wanted to create a gallery wall with only black and white artworks, and rose gold frames. I slightly more neutral (and husband friendly) gallery wall than the last. I happened to find the absolute perfect gallery wall frames in rose gold at West Elm. They had several sizes and I went with the A2 size with this gallery wall only to be made up of 6. (My other gallery wall was 12 smaller frames.)

With the six frames in hand I checked the exact size of the insert within the frame. The frames were A2 but I find most frames vary slightly in terms of the image fitting in perfectly. Once I had the correct size, I printed my images at the right size and made sure to vary the tones. Some of the images are lighter than others, some faces, some still life. Black and white tones being the theme that should draw them all together.

Once I had the artworks in place, I bought two sets of ‘Picture Frame Hanging Kits’ from Bunnings. These allow you to tie wire behind the frames. And due to the weight of these frames I used two hooks per frame, evenly spaced.

To hang I measured the size of the space that I had to work with and drew pencil marks of the centre of the space, as well as the top line that the frames should sit. From there I made sure each frame measured the same distance between each other. I went with 12 cms between each frame.

To finish I have added a gold bamboo style coffee table from Pottery Barn Australia. Some pretty coffee table books and flowers.

If you would like to purchase this exact set of six gallery wall prints at A3 size each, they are available in limited numbers here.
Rose Gold Frames : West Elm Australia
Gold Coffee Table : Pottery Barn Australia